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I haven’t read anything I’ve really enjoyed for ages. I’m bored with ‘Literature,’ tired of mysteries and crime and can’t be bothered with romance. There is obviously something wrong with me, because I don’t even feel like looking at photos of cakes in cook books.

Sometimes when I feel jaded, reading something light and bright cheers me up. I was hopeful that Me and Mr Darcy by Alexandra Potter would work, but unfortunately this book has also gone onto the list of books which I found a bit blah.

Emily Albright is an American who loves Pride and Prejudice. She impulsively decides to go on a guided tour of Jane Austen country and finds herself on a bus full of old ladies, an elderly male bus driver and a young, cute but arrogant, male journalist.

I might as well stop telling the story right now, because I expect you’ll be able to figure out how this one ends.

Possibly I’m not being fair to this author as I’m a bit tired lately, (long hours at work), but I truly wish I hadn’t wasted the hour I actually spent reading this book and the half hour I spent skimming through the remainder of the book, (just to make sure of the ending).

I know I have said this before, but I have to stop reading Jane Austen Fan Fiction. It’s too much like having a drink of water when you really want a frothy hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream. No more! (Until next time).

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  1. Slumps are so hard to get out of! Hmm… have you read any of Georgette Heyer’s Regency romances? They are romances, true, but they’re great fun, very light and humourous and a little bit like Austen without the social commentary and without being in any way fan-fic. Cotillion is my favourite. They’re the books I go to when I feel tired, sick, blue… 🙂

  2. Hi FictonFan, you might be right when you say Georgette Heyer could do the trick, just checked my bookshelf and have 23 of her romances (is that embarrassing?), a couple of her mysteries, and Helen, which was contemporary. I especially like her wicked heros, in books a bad boy is so much safer than in real life!

  3. Haha! So much for that recommendation then! Hmm… I’d recommend the Southern Sister mysteries by Anne George for de-slumping, but I’m not sure how easy they’d be to get in your part of the world – they’re not on Kindle over here.

    (I reckon I’ve got about 23 of them too… 😉 )

  4. I’m thinking of trying some favourites from childhood, Famous Five, Little Women, What Katy Did (and Didn’t Do).
    I haven’t heard of the Southern Sister mysteries but will have a look for them. 🙂

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