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After reading Emily Goes To Exeter, by MC Beaton, I couldn’t resist reading The Blood of an Englishman by the same author.

In the first three pages of this book the main character, Agatha Raisin, a Private Detective, openly lusted after handsome men, made nasty comments under her breath about fools and told lies to achieve her ends. I think if Agatha were a real person, she would be one of those enormously amusing people who no one actually likes.

The story starts with Agatha attending a village pantomime (under sufferance), with a friend, when one of the actors is murdered during the performance. Agatha is quickly employed by the main suspect to find out who did it, as he says he didn’t.

The Blood of an Englishman is the 25th Agatha Raisin mystery, so Agatha has been around for a while. She’s been around in other ways too, with several ex-husbands and another couple of would-be husbands appearing in this book, not to mention Agatha enjoying several crushes on men of her acquaintance and a great many amorous thoughts.

I haven’t read books 1 to 24, but I didn’t need to. The plot was easy enough to follow, although ludicrous and by the end of the book I was only skimming through the pages. I did find Agatha’s romantic tribulations funny though.

I probably won’t read another Agatha Raisin story, although Ann Holman of the blog Holmanese ( tells me that this author writes historical romances as Marion Chesney. I’ll be watching out for a historical romance by this author, because I think that will be more to my taste.


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