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Royal Wedding by Meg Cabot


Royal Wedding by Meg Cabot is the latest instalment in The Princess Diaries series and is aimed at adults who grew up reading and loving the adventures of the main character, Mia, an ordinary teenage girl who turned out to be the heir to the Genovian throne.

In Royal Wedding, Mia is all grown up at 26, and still madly in love with her childhood crush, Michael. Mia and Michael’s romance is decidedly adult, which makes this book unsuitable for younger readers. (Mia’s favourite game is playing ‘Fireman’ with Michael). I expect my teenage nieces would enjoy The Princess Diaries books, but I wouldn’t want them to follow up with Royal Wedding for a few years yet.

Mia is now a fully fledged Princess, with plenty of royal duties to keep her busy. The paparazzi make her life a living hell, constantly rating her popularity on a Royal Rating website. The story is told via Mia’s journal, which she writes as a way of managing her stress.

Mia’s grandmother, Princess Clarisse, is a heavy drinking, smoking, manipulative, strong-willed tyrant. I can’t remember if I ever read The Princess Diaries, but I certainly watched the movie of the same name which starred Julie Andrews as Princess Clarisse, and Julie Andrews’ version of Princess Clarisse, although stern, was kind and loving. I could not reconcile Princess Clarisse’s character in Royal Wedding with my memory of Julie Andrews in the movie role.

Most of the characters from The Princess Diaries feature in Royal Wedding, Lily, Mia’s best friend from school and Michael’s sister, is studying to become a lawyer, Tina is about to finish medical school, Mia’s mother is now a widow and a single parent to 12 year old Rocky, Mia’s half-brother. Mia’s father, Prince Phillipe Renaldo, continues to get his name in the papers for all of the wrong reasons.

I didn’t love Royal Wedding, but I have a feeling that Honey-Bunny, who was a teenager when The Princess Diaries was published, and grew up reading the subsequent books in the series, is Royal Wedding‘s target audience, will love this book.


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  1. I’ve never read The Princess Diaries but ooh, I don’t know if I’d want to find out how my childhood faves turned out when they grew up. I’ve never really got over poor Anne of Green Gables turning into a downtrodden housewife and mother of six…

    • But Anne seemed so happy to be a mother…and she had Susan to help cook and clean for the family, not to mention Gilbert to help her keep on adding to the family. Also, if Anne had kept telling the story we would never have had Rilla, whose story I loved. Rilla made me wish I had a lisp, especially when she accepted Ken’s proposal of marriage…I wonder how many children they eventually had? (And if she became downtrodden?)
      Now I think about it though, most of my favourite childhood heroines grew up, got married and probably had children. The only one who may not have gone down the traditional route is George from The Famous Five. I wonder what happened to her after she inherited Kirrin Cottage and Kirrin Isand etc?

      • I gave up before we got to Rilla – wasn’t there one where Anne suspected Gilbert of having an affair – or at least of not loving her anymore? That was too much for me – too much!! I suspect George suddenly discovered pink frilly skirts around the age of 13 and became an incredibly girly-girl. Or else she became a famous adventurer hacking through the rainforests of Brazil in shorts…

      • No, George would not have discovered pink frilly anything! I much prefer the idea of her adventuring in shorts somewhere. (I’m fairly sure you only mentioned frills to see if I would take the bait, and I did).
        As for Anne’s suspicions about Gilbert, they were completely unfounded. I have to be honest, I went off Anne when she had children, but loved Rilla. She was babied and selfish, which was what I desperately wanted to be too, up until the war and time made an adult of her.

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