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Books I Didn’t Finish 2015

I didn’t have many books I didn’t finish during 2015, although I did finish several bad books which I shouldn’t have.


Moon Tiger, by Penelope Lively, has a lot of apostrophes. There were so many, in fact, that I couldn’t concentrate or get interested in the story. I expect all of Penelope Lively’s apostrophes, unlike mine, are in the right place, because this book won the Booker Prize. Regardless, I felt annoyed, distracted, and dismayed by what seemed to me to be an excessive amount of apostrophes, and I could not continue reading past the middle of the book.


The Voyage, by Australian author Murray Bail left me unmoved. I loved Eucalyptus by this author so much that I have read it several times, but I couldn’t get past the middle of The Voyage. In the first section, the main character, Frank, travelled to Vienna from Sydney to try and sell his revolutionary new piano to the Viennese. The sticking point for me was, why try? Seriously. The Viennese have been making the best pianos in the world for centuries. Why didn’t Frank take his piano to America?

The story didn’t grab me and Frank annoyed me, so I stopped reading. Based on how good Eucalyptus is though, I probably should have persevered. But I didn’t, and I don’t intend to try The Voyage again. I do like the hat the woman is wearing on the book cover though.

I’ll probably read Eucalyptus again next year.


I borrowed The Book of Love by Phillipa Fioretti from the library because I liked the cover. Unfortunately, though, I didn’t like the story. It went something like this. Lily and her boyfriend, whose name I have forgotten, own a second-hand bookshop. After the boyfriend accidently purchased a rare book of ancient erotica, he disappeared with the book, leaving Lily to deal with a hot Russian bloke, who is trying to find the book to return it to the rightful owner. I only got about a third of the way through The Book of Love, so I don’t know or care what happened to Lily, the boyfriend, or the hot Russian. I cared a little about what happened to the rare book, but not enough to skim through to the end. I’ve just read back over my summary of the plot and it sounds really good, much, much better than it was.

The best thing about The Book of Love was that the person who previously borrowed the book left their library print-out inside the book. They had borrowed two other books with The Book of Love; ‘A Summer Fling,’ and ‘The Way Back Home.’ I have a mental picture of the previous reader being a middle-aged woman who wears fluffy cardigans, is a little overweight and who has a husband who snores. Maybe she has a little white dog too.

Happy reading in 2016 to everyone.




Comments on: "Books I Didn’t Finish 2015" (3)

  1. Laughing so much at the ‘too many apostrophes’ that I may have to read the book just to see it…

  2. I,’m not “great’ at punctiatshion! so think I”m probly in the wrong hear.

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