Book reviews


The Lover’s Dictionary by David Levithan is the story of a couple, whose relationship status is uneasy.

Clever – this book is written as if it is a dictionary, with words from ‘abyss’ to ‘caveat’ to ‘dispel’ to ‘zenith’ amongst the entries. For example, ‘Kerfuffle,’ which in my opinion is an excellent word and should be used more often, is used in The Lover’s Dictionary as follows; “From now on, you are only allowed one drink at any of my office parties.”

Enigmatic – the reader doesn’t know the names, or ages, or even where the characters in The Lover’s Dictionary live. The characters are very often referred to just as ‘you’ or ‘me’.

Erudite – I needed to use my own dictionary to check the meanings of some of the words used in The Lover’s Dictionary, but enjoyed this book so much that I was happy to do so.

Failings – as in any relationship, the characters in The Lover’s Dictionary sometimes disappoint each other. Some of their faults mildly irritate the other, while some of the character’s failings are huge and potentially spell the end of their relationship.

Honest – sometimes brutally.

Readable – I read The Lover’s Dictionary in one sitting. It isn’t a very big book, but even if it had been longer, I wouldn’t have wanted to stop reading until I had finished.

Unique – great idea. I bet other writers have looked at The Lover’s Dictionary and thought, ‘I wish I had thought of that.’



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