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Vision in White by Nora Roberts is the first book in The Bride Quartet, each of which, I believe, is a romance starring one of the four main characters in the series.

I read Vision in White on the recommendation of Sarah from The Aroma of Books and am glad I did. Sarah reviewed all four books in the quartet as per the following link.

Mac is the main character in Vision in White. She is a wedding photographer who works for Vows, a wedding business she and her three best friends own and run. Mac hides behind her camera most of the time, after having been brought up by selfish and immature parents who continue to take advantage of her as an adult. When Mac meets Carter, he immediately confesses he had a crush on her in high school, and you just know how this story is going to end. (This plot is genius. Everyone secretly wishes that their high school crush thinks fondly of them instead, don’t they? Sure they do. Everybody who read that just thought of someone).

Weddings, romance, wedding cakes, cute guys, flowers, more cute guys, beautiful brides, gorgeous, feisty heroines, shoe shopping, large print… Vision in White is comfort reading at its best.

There is slightly too much information in some areas of the story for my prudish tastes, (ahem), but Vision in White is fun and light-hearted. Vision in White would be perfect with lots of chocolate* when you’re feeling jaded with everyday life. Just go with the flow and enjoy all of the wedding fuss and preparations, dramas and averted disasters without having to wear uncomfortable shoes and an itchy dress to someone’s wedding to a highly unsuitable partner in real life. There are no boring speeches, guests wearing the same dress as you or ex-husbands to avoid in fictitious weddings either. Perfect.

*Not sure what happened, but I finished a block of chocolate writing this review… Cadbury Salted Caramel, in case anyone is interested. Sigh. If I ever get another invite to a real wedding I’ll never fit into my ‘good’ dress.




Comments on: "Vision in White by Nora Roberts" (2)

  1. White wedding dresses really show up those chocolate crumbs though – much better to get married in brown! Or eat white chocolate, I suppose…

  2. Now you mention it, I don’t know why brown wedding dresses have never become fashionable. Makes perfect sense to me!

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