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Falling by Jane Green


I find Jane Green’s novels a bit hit and miss, sometimes I love them, sometimes I don’t. Falling fell into the enjoyable but predictable category. I finished the book in a few hours, and I’m writing this review right away as I probably won’t remember the plot tomorrow.

Falling tells the story of Emma, an English, upper-middle class banker, who recently left her job in New York with a big pay-out, in order to live a simpler life in a small town on the beach. Emma chooses Westernport because she has a single friend living there, but she quickly becomes friends with her hunky next-door neighbour, Domenic.

Domenic is a single father to a six-year old boy. He is also a bartender and a bit of a man about town, however he dumps his regular girlfriend, (apparently they weren’t serious), when he decides Emma might be ‘the one’.

Emma is a loner, who hasn’t had much luck with boyfriends. She falls in love with Domenic and they become a couple, despite their differences and the complications that come with Domenic being a single father.

This plot was all a bit fairy tale-ish, Emma of course is beautiful, Domenic is sexy and handsome, Emma is quite well off financially and so is Domenic, Emma decides to be an interior decorator when she has her sea-change and of course she finds rich clients who love her decorating style about a minute after she arrives in town. Not everything in the story is happy-happy though, Domenic’s six-year old son is a spoiled brat, plus Domenic has a lurking ex-girlfriend, and both Emma’s and Domenic’s parents are difficult.

From the beginning I couldn’t see this romance having a happy ending. I just got the feeling that eventually Domenic would get bored and take up with one of the yummy-mummies he regularly flirted with before Emma came along and she would get hurt. Both characters were lacking in depth and seemed to have become a couple based only on their sexual chemistry. (Hey, I’m not saying that never happens in real life, but unless I’m reading a Mills and Boon romance, I expect a bit more story).

I won’t spoil the surprise of how the story actually does finish, but don’t be surprised if you guess what happens for yourself. Falling is the perfect book for a sleepy read on the couch one afternoon when you can’t be bothered doing anything else.




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  1. Oh good, I don’t feel tempted by this one at all – my TBR is safe! Keep up the good work! 😉

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