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The Grownup by Gillian Flynn


The Grownup is a short story by Gillian Flynn, who wrote the wildly successful Gone Girl.

The first sentence of The Grownup shocked me. The narrator provides soft porn services, and she doesn’t keep any secrets from readers about the practicalities of her job, let alone her thoughts, or her morals. Due to an RSI-type injury (don’t ask) she also works as a psychic. Funnily enough, both businesses operate out of the same building and are owned by the one person.

Anyway, while working in the psychic side of the business, the narrator takes a job with a woman who has a troubled step-son and a haunted house. The narrator tells the woman that her library is particularly haunted, and requires extra attention, then locks herself in the library for 12 spirit-cleansing visits and reads to the tune of $2000. Nice work if you can get it.

The Grownup is a very short read, but is full of shocks, surprises and helpful life advice. For example, the boss tells would-be psychics;”Just tell them what they want to hear.” I enjoyed reading this piece of advice.

Fans of Gillian Flynn will enjoy this story, and probably won’t be shocked if they have already read Gone Girl, as they will already know that this author will give them a twist they won’t see coming, and then leave them confused about what they thought they knew. Not to mention being better educated about the seedier side of life.




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