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Bed of Roses by Nora Roberts is the second book in The Bride Quartet novels, a series which are perfect for those times when you need a big hit of romance, in particular weddings, gorgeous flowers, indulgent food. Not to mention a group of supportive, funny and like-minded friends, a satisfying and lucrative career where you get to work with said friends, and oh, I nearly forgot to mention the most important component; the perfect man!

I started reading this series on the  recommendation of Sarah from The Aroma of Books, as per the following link.

The Bride Quartet follow the lives and loves of four best friends since childhood, Mac, Parker, Emma and Laurel, who run an enormously successful wedding business together from Parker’s family estate. Parker provides the brains and management, Laurel is the chef, Mac the photographer and Emma, a florist. Each of these women are doing what they love and are happy, satisfied and stimulated in their work. Pure fantasy, but I love it.

Vision in White was first book in the series. I thoroughly enjoyed the story of Mac, the group’s photographer, finding love with her high school crush.

The second book is Bed of Roses, which tells the story of Emma, the florist. Emma is the man-magnet of the group, but she has a soft spot for Jack, who used to share a room at college with Parker’s brother. Unfortunately this makes him off-limits, because Emma believes that dating him would ruin the dynamics of their group’s friendship, along with the fact that Emma believes that her friend Mac once dated Jack, as the women have a rule of never dating each other’s exes.

Emma is gorgeous (of course) and not surprisingly, it turns out that Jack also has a thing for her. When he confessed to having loved her from afar for years, I melted. Nora Roberts has a knack of making her heroes say exactly what a female romance reader wants to hear.

The big problem is that Jack was a player before he and Emma started seeing each other, and he still doesn’t want to settle down, but in order for Emma to get her happy ending and become a bride herself, Jack needs to realise that he loves her so much that he will push past this terrible obstacle. I won’t tell you if they manage to get past this difficulty or not, but you probably don’t need to skip to the end to guess.

I smiled the whole time I was reading Bed of Roses, enjoying the romance without having to make any effort myself (do hair and make-up, iron a dress, find where I left my other high-heeled shoe, buy candles, change the sheets etc), although I admit that when things got too steamy between the heroine and her lover, I skipped ahead. (I’m a prude, remember?)

Since I’ve had all the romance I can take for a while, it may be some time before I get to the third book in the series, although I think Laurel secretly likes Parker’s brother, while a new bloke in town seems as if he might annoy Parker a bit before they realise they were made for each other. When I do read this I’ll let you know if my hunch is correct!




Comments on: "Bed of Roses by Nora Roberts" (6)

  1. You soppy romantic, you! I was hoping the cover pic was of the corpse of the latest victim of the crazed Bride Slayer…

    • Now that’s a genre I’ve never heard of – murdered brides! There is probably a market for these… gorgeous brides, axe murderers, beautiful flowers, blood and guts all over the place, wedding cake, a shifty-looking groom, a dead bride and a bridesmaid with blood all over her hands… I love it!

  2. I’m glad that you are enjoying these books. They are a bit too smutty for me at times (you aren’t the only prude), but the relationship between the four friends and the fun of watching them work together is just so enjoyable to me.

    I read somewhere that Roberts had several brothers (and no sisters) and gave birth to sons but no daughters, and I think that that may be why she writes such fantastic guys in her books. A lot of romantic books seem to make very cardboard-cut-out kind of guys, but I feel like hers have some more depth to their characters.

    But those covers! When I bought these secondhand, I purposefully found hardcovers so that I could get rid of the jacket covers and never look at that cover art again!!!

    • The smut isn’t so bad that I would have to hide what I was reading if I was on a train, but you’re right about the covers. Headless brides are just weird.
      Yes, the men are characters in their own right. I like that they aren’t they main focus, even though the books are romances, but they are rounded enough that they seem real.
      I’m looking forward to the next book because for the food references, especially the desserts and wedding cakes I hope will feature in their somewhere!

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