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The scariest thing about Dolly: A Ghost Story by Susan Hill was not being able to find my bookmark after I finished the book.

This is what happened.

I was reading in bed at night, just like I always do, before I went to sleep. While I was reading, I put my bookmark on the bedside table to the right of my bed. I finished the book, placed it on the bedside table too, turned off the lamp and went to sleep.*

When I woke up the next morning, I looked for my bookmark so I could put it inside the next book I was going to read, but my bookmark was not on the bedside table.

I checked the floor and my bookmark wasn’t there. I looked inside the book I had just finished, (Dolly: A Ghost Story), but it wasn’t there either, even though I thoroughly shook out each page. I shook out the pages of all 23 books in my stash of library books, but it wasn’t inside any of them either. I went back to my bedroom and looked under the bed, I shook out the sheets and the doona, I even looked under my pillow, but my bookmark had disappeared. I am telling you, I looked everywhere.

I went to the kitchen and had breakfast, because by this time, I was starting to run late for work. After eating breakfast, I went to have a shower, and you won’t believe this, but there was my bookmark on the bathroom floor. I have no idea how it got there, and the more I think about this, the scarier I find it.

*Before going to sleep I actually plotted a short story of my own, also called Dolly: A Ghost Story, except that my story was much scarier than the book I had just finished reading. Unfortunately, the book I had just finished was not scary at all. The kindest thing I can say about Dolly: A Ghost Story is that it was short. But enough about that, let’s get back to the plot of the story I made up.

My version of Dolly: A Ghost Story is going to start off with a lovely family, made up of a father, a mother and their small daughter. The family are well off and have a nanny and a housekeeper, leaving the mother with enough time to have fun with her daughter and to feel well-rested enough to be nice to her husband when he comes home from work, which makes them a really happy family.

When it is nearly the little girl’s birthday, her father (who will be played by George Clooney in the movie) decides to have a doll made for his beloved daughter. He keeps the doll a secret from his wife because he loves surprising her as well. (The wife has brownish-grey hair and likes reading, roller-skating and rockabilly, just so you know.)

He collects the doll on the day of his daughter’s birthday and is on his way home when a beggar curses him because he won’t give them any money . He usually would have, but he was on his mobile phone and trying not to drop the doll and he was distracted. Anyway, when the curse is made, inside the box, the doll blinks in a very creepy manner and…. actually,  I won’t tell you the rest now so the suspense builds up a bit more, but let me tell you, my story is very scary. You’ll love it when it comes out at the movies. I’m not sure yet who will play the wife, but if Hollywood really want me to, then I will.




Comments on: "Dolly: A Ghost Story by Susan Hill" (4)

  1. Hahahaha! Brilliant! It was probably the doll who crept in in the middle of the night and stole your bookmark! Dolls are the creepiest things even when they’ve not been cursed…

    (I’ve only read one Susan Hill story and it was incredibly unscary too…)

    • That is exactly what I thought happened to my bookmark too! Some people think clowns are scary, but dolls are right up there too, especially when their eyes open and close…

      • Yes! I had a hand-me-down doll as a kid that my big sister had shaved all the hair off, and my mum had painted new hair on! I’m convinced they were trying to make me leave home…

      • Oh, that doll must have been frightening.
        My sisters have never forgiven me for shaving the hair off their dolls, because I was going to make wigs for them to swap the doll’s hair around. Things didn’t work out as intended and the incident is still a sore point in family relations. In my defence, I didn’t mean for them to want to leave home!

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