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I like Herman Koch’s novels, but I don’t want to meet any of his characters in a dark alley or even on a sunny day on the beach. The Dinner has stuck in my head because of the unsettling characters. The behaviour of the characters from Summer House with Swimming Pool also left me feeling uneasy.

House with a Swimming Pool is narrated by Doctor Marc Schlosser, who on the face of things is a devoted family man, husband and father. Marc is a doctor with a successful practice and is often invited to star-studded movie premieres, plays and concerts by his famous patients. Underneath his capable appearance though, Marc is squeamish, and doesn’t really like people or their bodies.

The story starts with Marc being charged for malpractice after Ralph Meier, a famous Dutch actor, dies. The rest of the story tells us how and why Marc found himself in this position.

Before Ralph’s death, Marc, his wife and two daughters (one 14 and the other 12), went camping near Ralph’s summer holiday house and when they met at the beach, were invited to pitch their tent in Ralph’s yard. Marc, who engineered the meeting, accepted because he intended to have an affair with Ralph’s wife.

Of course, things went horribly wrong on the holiday and become worse and worse for Marc and his family, but also for Ralph, his family and other houseguests for reasons which I did not see coming. This was possibly because I was too busy feeling squeamish myself after reading a horribly graphic account of an eye infection that Marc suffered. The pus, treatment and general yuckiness was described in such detail that I could only just manage to read this section of the story. Marc regularly tells (in loads of detail) about bodily functions and illnesses which disgust him, all of which add to the uneasy feeling of the story.

I cannot imagine why Marc ever became a doctor, but am grateful Herman Koch became an author, even if he is one I would cross the street to avoid. He writes about psychopaths and people with skewed morals and values so well that I’m more than a little frightened of him too.




Comments on: "Summer House with Swimming Pool by Herman Koch" (5)

  1. Haha – I loved Marc in a weird kind of way! I think maybe because I worked with a whole bunch of doctors and recognised a lot of them in him… which is really quite worrying! 😉

  2. Oh, far out! I don’t want to think that my doctor might faint at the sight of blood when I need her. Or did you recognise the personalities?

  3. Well, I did know one doctor who always looked faintly sick whenever he had to actually examine a patient… 😉

  4. I heard a funny story recently when a friend went to the doctor with a health issue and the doctor and the patient agreed that neither of them could face the investigation. The patient went off to a specialist who probably didn’t want to look either. Luckily, all was well!

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