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A Different Kind of Evil by Andrew Wilson was not authorised by Agatha Christie Ltd. I should have heeded the warning on the preface page and not read the book. As it was, I got to a particularly abhorrent scene somewhere around the middle, then decided I’d had enough.

In A Different Kind of Evil Agatha Christie is a character, telling the story in the first-person. It begins with Agatha, her daughter and her daughter’s nanny on their way to Tenerife in 1927 where she was sent to investigate the death of a British Secret Intelligence Service agent.

On the journey, Agatha witnesses the suicide of another passenger’s wife, a stowaway, who jumped overboard. The passenger was travelling with his mistress. On arriving in Tenerife, Agatha involved herself with several unpleasant and potentially dangerous characters, all of whom may have had something to do with the death of the agent.

I found the portion of the book I read to be overly complicated, overly dramatic and overly nasty.

Comments on: "A Different Kind of Evil by Andrew Wilson" (4)

  1. Ugh! Sounds horrible! Thanks for the warning – I shall avoid at all costs…

  2. Reading an actual Agatha Christie novel is a much better idea.

  3. definitely one to avoid, overly nasty=yuk!

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