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The Girls by Emma Cline

I chose to read The Girls by Emma Cline as a change from my usual reading matter. The Girls is a fairly recent novel, written by a younger author than I usually read. I believe the plot is based on the murder of the actress Sharon Tait by the cult members who followed Charles Manson.

The book starts with Evie Boyd, who was middle aged when an acquaintance recognised her as having been involved in a notorious cult whose members murdered several people in Hollywood during the late 1960s.

Evie then tells the reader the story of her fourteenth year. At that time she was a child in years, neglected by her separated parents, as she drank, used drugs and desperate for attention, became an easy target for a group of long-haired, bare-footed girls who groomed her to join their cult.

Unfortunately I didn’t connect with this book, although I thought the premise good. The writing style was too overdone and descriptive for my taste. The characters weren’t likeable which is probably to be expected in a story about a complicated fourteen-year old girl and the deranged cult members who follow a sleazy leader.

I had lost interest in the story by about half-way and so stopped reading. The book obviously appeals to other readers as the cover says The Girls was a New York Times best seller but this one wasn’t for me.

Comments on: "The Girls by Emma Cline" (2)

  1. Oh, what a pity this one didn’t work for you! I remember loving it when it came out, though in truth I don’t remember much about the actual book now, so it clearly didn’t have a lasting impact. I’m still intrigued to see what she does next, though – I think there’s a new one due later this year.

  2. Yes, watching her career evolve is going to be interesting. I’m popping over now to read your review, figure out what I missed…

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