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It seems strange to have read Summer Secrets by Jane Green in early May in Australia. May is our last month of autumn and while I was reading the temperature in Melbourne turned cold, the wind howled and we had good, soaking rain over several days.

Not surprisingly I enjoyed my little summer escape to London and Nantucket with Cat, a London journalist.

Cat is an alcoholic. Time and again she messed things up for herself. She always meant well but lost jobs, woke up in strange apartments with men she didn’t know and ruined relationships with people she loved. Like a cat with nine lives though, she somehow also managed to fall on her feet most of the time, at least up until her husband decided he had had enough and left her.

Through hard work and the invaluable assistance of Alcoholics Anonymous, Cat managed to work her way through a number of steps to recovery. When she got to a step which required her to make amends to those she had wronged, Cat travelled to Nantucket with her teenage daughter to apologise to her estranged sisters for her past behaviour.

While I enjoyed Summer Secrets (particularly the chapters set on Nantucket, which I plan to visit one day), I did slightly skim through the story, probably because this was the wrong book for me at the wrong time. Like many others I’m struggling to concentrate on novels at present.

Despite my lack of concentration, I think Summer Secrets is an ideal beach holiday read.

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