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Miss S gave me The Lincoln Lawyer by Michael Connelly as a gift. I’ve never previously read anything by this author and would probably not have chosen to read this book but to my surprise I enjoyed the story so much that I read it almost straight through then backed it up by watching the film.

The story is written in the first person and because I knew that Matthew McConaughey played the main character, I was able to imagine his voice narrating the story. (Swoon. That man could read me the phone book).

The main character is Mickey Haller, a fast-talking lawyer who works out of his Lincoln sedan as his driver ferries him between various courthouses around Los Angeles where Haller deals with the scum of society’s problems.

Haller’s lucky break came when a new client specifically requested his services. The new client was a young real estate agent from a wealthy family who was accused of bashing a woman. The client, Louis Roullet, said he was set up by the woman so she could sue him. When he took on the case Haller was hopeful that Roullet’s case would pay his bills for some time to come.

I was surprised and happy to learn that Haller had a heart. He had two ex-wives, both of whom he loved and respected and his former wives felt the same way about him. Haller and his first wife, who was still the love of his life, broke up because their values clashed (she was a prosecutor). They also had a young daughter together. Many of his colleagues were also disgusted by Haller’s clients but he justified his work by describing the justice system as a machine that sucked up people and money and himself as a mechanic servicing the machine.

Haller also represented a number of clients for free who included drug addicts and prostitutes. He did his best for these people and showed genuine care and affection for some of them. Haller’s biggest fear was that he wouldn’t recognise an innocent client.

When one of Haller’s colleagues was murdered while carrying out an investigation for Haller on the Roullet case, Haller’s hopes for a big payout ended. Instead, he found himself working to save his own life and protect his family. Haller was a master manipulator but so was the bad guy and the story had multiple twists and turns which I didn’t see coming. Well before the end I was trying to read faster and faster to see how everything would turn out.

The film was slightly different to the book but I enjoyed it too. The film had the added benefit of Matthew McConaughey being in it.

I didn’t think I was a crime fiction fan but it turns out I am. I’m definitely jumping on the Michael Connelly bandwagon. This book is part of a series featuring Mickey Haller and I’m sure I’ll read more of them.

Comments on: "The Lincoln Lawyer by Michael Connelly" (4)

  1. What a find! I haven’t heard of this and like you wouldn’t even think of reading it but now you’ve mentioned it. . .

  2. Sounds great! I’ve only tried his Harry Bosch series and sadly Harry is my pet hate – an alcoholic detective whose life is a mess. I did think it was done very well though. The main character in this one sounds much more likeable – imagine! You may have added a crime novel to my wishlist! šŸ˜‰

  3. This really was a find! Totally unexpected and so good. Although I had heard of the movie had never watched it either.

  4. I can never understand how alcoholic detectives manage to catch criminals. Most people can’t even manage to catch a cab properly when they’re drinking.
    I really liked Mickey Haller but may have been predisposed because of the southern accent thing.

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