About Rose


I’m a forty something woman living in Melbourne, Australia. I like reading, roller skating and daydreaming.

I hope you enjoy my book reviews.


8 responses to “About Rose

  1. Hi Rose. I’m not sure how to submit.
    Transfixion is a YA post-apocalyptic thriller.
    Advance review copies are still available.

    • Hi J, Thanks for offering to submit Transfixion, but I’m not very technologically adept and only read old style books on paper. I’ve Googled Transfixion and the cover art looks great, good luck with your work. Best wishes, Rose

  2. Hi Rose, I’ve wandered across from FictionFan’s blog and the discussion of The President’s Hat. I would follow your lovely blog – but I can’t see how to do it! I must be particularly dim this morning! Ah…. maybe it’s just the ‘notify me of new posts via email’ box – now checked. There seem to be so many ways of following others on wordpress!

    • Hi Sandra, well done for figuring that out! Technology leaves me in a panic, but I am lucky enough to know teenagers who know everything…
      Are you planning to read The President’s Hat? I’ve added it to my enormous list (plenty are Fiction Fan’s doing) but it isn’t available at my library.

  3. Hi Rose, let’s say that it’s on my list (and was before I read FictionFan’s review) but the list is so long…. I hope to read it! It does sound fun 🙂

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