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Friends Like Us by Lauren Fox


I chose Friends Like Us by Lauren Fox by mistake. If I’d known how irritated I was going to become with the main character, the supporting characters, their stupid situation and the ending, I would never have picked this book to read.

Friends Like Us is written in the first person, with the story being told by Willa, a 26 year old single woman who is almost unnaturally close to her best friend Jane. Willa and Jane, who share an apartment, have a weird amount of in-jokes and look so much alike that people assume they are sisters. They are both starting out in the world, working part time at crappy jobs and don’t seem to realise they are never going to meet men while they are joined at the hip.

Despite all of this over the top coupledom, Jane refuses to accompany Willa to her eight-year High School Reunion. (Yes, I know, eight year reunions are not normal, but someone was getting married and the groom changed his mind, so rather than waste the booking the bride who wasn’t organised a school reunion, as you do). Anyway, Willa, who was a dork in High School (no, really?) attends alone and meets up with her former best friend Ben, who she hasn’t seen in years.

Willa and Ben dump the party after about 12 minutes, then after maybe another 12 minutes, Ben confesses that the reason he hasn’t been around is because he loved Willa all through High School. They kiss and the kiss is weird. Apparently Willa had eaten onions and garlic earlier in the day and Ben’s passion for her died instantly. (Somebody should have told Bella from Twilight, she could have avoided those other two books in that series).

So, Ben comes to visit Willa and fell in love with Jane, Willa’s look-alike! Didn’t see that coming!!

Willa is unnaturally happy that her two best friends love each other. So happy that I kept wondering if there was going to be a twist where it turned out that she was also in love with Jane. But there wasn’t. Sorry to disappoint you.

The trio do nearly everything together, except for the things you hope they don’t.

Willa, as it turns out, has issues. Her parents had a terrible marriage and it seems that she and her brother have been scarred forever, and are unable to form normal, lasting relationships with good people. Jane seemed normal enough, although her parents were so normal that they were weird. Ben was also weird. And spineless. I think he secretly wanted Willa and Jane in a way I don’t want to discuss. I think Willa’s issues went some way towards creating the eventual blow up of this whole triangle, but really, it had to happen.

I’m not giving away secrets here, you know how the story is going to end, because the author TELLS you in the first chapter.

On the plus side, the writing was okay, but the story was dreadful. Friends Like Us? No thanks. I’d rather be a loner.



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