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The Dress by Kate Kerrigan


The Dress by Kate Kerrigan is told in a style which is popular right now, where there is a present story and a past story which meet at the end.

In the ‘past’ story, a charismatic young Irishman named Frank sets sail for New York, where he works hard to become rich and successful. Once Frank achieves his aims, he falls in love with a beautiful woman named Joy who is a leader of New York Society. Joy and Frank marry, and are mostly happy, except that they cannot have a baby. As time goes on, Joy’s drinking starts to become a problem.

In the ‘present’ story, we have Lily, a wildly successful Vintage Fashion Blogger (the story didn’t say if she uses WordPress but we will assume she does) who finds an old photo of Joy wearing the most beautiful dress ever created. Lily decides to re-create the dress and in doing so, gets involved in a competition with one of the best known designers in the world to create the most beautiful dress in the world. In doing so, Lily begins digging around to try and find either Joy, or Honor, the designer of Joy’s dress.

There is a bit more to The Dress than this, but for me, reading this story was simply a happy way to spend a few hours without thinking too hard. The large print was easy to read, and as I love vintage fashion, I was as happy as a cricket reading descriptions of gorgeous fabrics and Irish lace and sewing jewels into the skirt. I probably wouldn’t recommend the book as anything other than a very light, enjoyable read, but if vintage fashion is your thing, then add The Dress to your reading list.




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