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Caravan Thieves by Gerard Woodward


Caravan Thieves is a book of short stories by Gerard Woodward.

I read three of the stories, then gave up because they all left me wondering what had actually happened. The cover blurb said the stories in Caravan Thieves are “brilliantly unsettling,” but I just found the stories to be confusing and surreal.

The first story was about an older couple who own a caravan which they use for extended holidays. One morning, instead of waking up in the spot in the caravan park where they had been parked when they went to bed, they realise that their caravan has been mysteriously placed in a paddock of rapeseed, (now known as canola). The couple were last seen walking through the paddock, confused and cross. In my opinion, aliens did it.

Another story was about a man going for a job interview in a bookshop. Job interviews are always horrible, that’s a given, but the interviewers are very strange and the interviewee worries throughout the interview that he hasn’t passed urine in several days. He wonders if this is linked with children in storybooks never having to use the toilet. Okay…

‘Why’ is a question I like to have answered, but Caravan Thieves left me none the wiser. That was probably the point, but these stories weren’t for me.

However, Gerard Woodward’s writing is good. I’m going to look for a full length novel by this author because I think that will suit me better.


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