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Bridget Jones Mad About the Boy by Helen Fielding


OMG, Bridget Jones is in her fifties!! When did that happen? I can’t believe it!

Bridget Jones Mad About the Boy by Helen Fielding is a fast, cheerful, happy read. Bridget is fun. I’ve missed her. I’m glad she’s back.

Bridget still tells her story to her diary, but now we get to read her emails and social media entries also (the world has moved on since she was a singleton in her thirties, alternately shagging Mr Darcy and Hugh Grant – oops, I meant to say Mr Wickham – no that’s not right either – Daniel Cleaver). Bridget still obsesses over her weight, although her alcohol units are not as big an issue now she is a responsible parent. Physically, for a woman who regularly drank and ate too much, she has aged surprisingly well.

Bridget is now a single mother. She and Mark Darcy got married and had two children, before sadly, Mark died in a horrible accident four years ago. Bridget is struggling along with the demands of the children and her career, although thankfully she does not have money problems.

Bridget’s children are Billy and Mabel, who are delightful, apart from the head lice thing. Billy is like his father, very sensible and clever, and he has Colin Firth’s eyes. (Not that the author said that exactly, but you know Billy is the spitting image of him. Think of the BBC production, where Mr Darcy is looking soppy while Elizabeth sings at the piano and you will picture Billy’s beautiful brown eyes exactly). Mabel hath the cuteth lithp.

Bridget’s besties are still there for her, although they have grown up too. They convince Bridget she needs to find another man, or at least someone to shag. Bridget discovers Twitter, where she obsesses over how many followers she has (her numbers fluctuate, apparently some followers are put off by drunken ramblings). She hooks up with Roxster, a gorgeous 29 year old who follows her tweets.

Bridget ends up having a hot romance with Roxster, who is perfect apart from being too young for her. Lurking in the background though, is Mr Wallaker, one of Billy’s school teachers. He regularly rescues Bridget from ridiculous situations, or argues with her. I liked Roxster and thought he was the perfect person for Bridget at this point in her life, but the whole way through the book I was hoping that Mr Wallaker would rip his shirt off and dive into a pond (maybe I’ve watched the BBC production of Pride and Prejudice too many times).

Bridget’s mum is as self obsessed as ever. Bridget’s father has also died since the last book. Daniel Cleaver is as big a man-whore as ever, yet somehow he still pulls the girls with his terrible lines about underpants. Funnily enough, he is the children’s godfather.

I read Bridget Jones Mad About the Boy yesterday, and to be honest, I’ve already forgotten bits and pieces. I expect in a few weeks I’ll have forgotten all about the plot. As I said earlier, this was a fun, frivolous read, rather than the sort of thing that sticks with you. I suppose the next time I see Bridget she’ll be an empty nester or a grandmother or something, doesn’t time fly?

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