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It’s a Crime by Jacqueline Carey


Yawn. I’m not sure why I finished It’s a Crime by Jacqueline Carey. Maybe because I kept hoping the story would go somewhere. Unfortunately, it didn’t.

To sum up, Pat Foy is a landscape gardener, who fluffs around for the enjoyment of plants rather than to make a living. She doesn’t need to work anyway, because she and her husband Frank are very rich. Frank is a dodgy accountant who has fudged some very big numbers on behalf of his company. Pat is clueless about Frank’s work and his crime, although she enjoys living in their expensive home and the other benefits of being rich.

The bodgy practices are found out and Frank, despite assisting with the investigations, goes to jail. Pat meets up with her old friend Ginny, who has been hurt financially by the company’s share prices diving. Pat and Ginny mess around paying back (some) shareholders who have lost money because Pat feels sorry for them. I’m not sure why Pat still seems to have plenty of money in her cheque account.

Along the way, Pat also takes in her former boyfriend’s son as a nanny for her delinquent daughter. Pat’s former boyfriend is a successful mystery writer. Pat loves mystery novels, although she never realised her husband was a thief.

Spoiler alert. Eventually Pat admits that it was wrong of Frank and the company (and particularly of the directors and other employees) to have gained financially from the company using criminal means, which would mean the point of the story is that we all need to take responsibility for our behaviour.

Unfortunately, It’s a Crime was boring. The story and characters were wishy-washy. I had my doubts about this book by the end of the second page, but I’m not very good at not finishing books. No mystery here, but I won’t be reading another novel by this author.

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