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At Risk by Patricia Cornwell


At Risk is the first Patricia Cornwell novel I’ve read. The story was fast paced and a bit of a page-turner, but ultimately I was left wondering what all the fuss is about this author.

The hero of At Risk is Winston Garano, an investigator with the Massachusetts State Police. He is directed to investigate a 20-year old unsolved murder by his politically motivated superior, Monique Lamont. Monique is stereotypically beautiful, clever and ruthless.

Win gets his sometime girlfriend to investigate the murder, and while she is doing all the hard work, he saves Monique from being killed. Monique was tied up on her bed after being raped when Win broke into her house on a hunch to save the day.

Monique appears to be up to no good, pulling political strings all over the place in the background, as is her boss, a crooked Governor and his drug-addled son. Luckily, Win’s Nana always knows what is going on thanks to her trusty Tarot cards, and she keeps Win in the loop.

Win’s sometime-girlfriend figured out the old murder and Win figured out what is going on in the present, which is more than what I could. The plot was sometimes confusing and there were a few errors which in my opinion, particularly for an best-selling author, should have been rectified before publication.

The story was present tense too, a style which gets up my nose, but at least it was told in the third person.

I don’t think I’m At Risk of reading any more Patricia Cornwell novels.




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