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The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion



I read The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion in one go because;

  1. I was on holidays and could stay up as late as I liked reading.
  2. The Rosie Project was a really enjoyable read.
  3. The Rosie Project is set in Melbourne, Australia and I enjoyed the sense of familiarity with the location and Australian culture.
  4. The story is romantic comedy, which is far and away my favourite genre.
  5. The hero, Don Tillman, is unusual, very likeable and the reader is on his side from the beginning of the story. I roared laughing as he got himself into and out of ridiculously funny situations.
  6. The heroine, Rosie, is clever and feisty and perfect for Don, if he can only recognise this.
  7. I love Don’s Standardised Meal Plan with lobster for tea every Tuesday night.
  8. The story is clever and ends in a way which I didn’t expect.
  9. The happiness I felt while I was reading this book stayed with me for quite a while after I finished reading.

I’m not unique in liking The Rosie Project. It was a bestseller when it was published a couple of years ago and will probably be made into a movie quite soon. I believe the author has written a sequel which I expect I’ll read sometime soon too.



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